6 Quick Tips on Fight Cravings Everyday

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Cravings are the hardest part of a new diet. Our sugar cravings can go into overdrive and we begin to think what we might do for a Twinkie.  We get irritated and want nothing more than to give in to our cravings.

There are a couple of reasons we have cravings at the beginning of our diet.

First is your time frame for eating.  If you go more than 5 hours without eating your blood sugar drops and cravings begin.

Second, the old phrase, “your are what you eat” is very true.  Your taste buds will adapt to what you eat and if you spend most days eating junk, your body will crave junk.  If you eat fruits and vegetables, you will crave fruits and vegetables.  It will take time for taste buds to adapt, stay patient.


First check out my list of 15 unhealthy foods you may think are healthy.

Until you can change your taste buds, here’s a few tricks to help curb those pesky cravings in the meantime.

The 2 Week Diet
  1. GUM: chewing gum with few to no sugar will give a strong peppermint or spearmint taste and will keep you from putting chocolate in your mouth soon after.
  2. BRUSHING TEETH:  much like gum cleaning your teeth with brushing and flossing will keep you from putting anything in your mouth for some time after.  Another helpful tip would be to put peppermint lip balm on after.
  3. DRINK WATER: most of the food cravings you are feelings are most likely a sign of dehydration.  Drinking a full glass of water during a craving helps you feel full.
  4. EAT FRUIT: fruit contains sugar and is sweet.  So it can work nicely to trick our brains into thinking we are getting a sweet treat.
  5. DISTRACTION:  getting your mind off of your cravings by going for a walk, do some yoga or pilates, taking a bubble bath, doing a puzzle, reading a magazine, playing video games.   Games like Tetris or words with friends keeps the mind off of the craving.
  6. CHANGE YOUR SNACK:  have a small bite of what you’re craving if you think you can stop.  If not try a protein or fiber filled snack.  Another great option is Cool Whip.  It has 25 calories per 2 TBSP.  It’s definitely a go to of mine.

Also, keep in mind these are just helpful suggestions, they may not help if you are just starting to cut sugar out of your diet.  It may take some good old fashion will power.

If you have any new tricks up your sleeve that help with the cravings, please comment below and share!

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The 2 Week Diet

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