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How to Start Carb Cycling the Easy Way

How to Start Carb Cycling the Easy Way

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I’ve finished my first month and wanted to post a carb cycling update.

So as of right now, I rotate every other day, high carb to low carb days.  You want to create a spike in your metabolism.  Get it moving at an all time high.

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On Sunday you get a free day and almost double your calorie intake and shock your metabolism, so to speak.  It’s a day to have those treats you may have craved during the week so you don’t kill all your hard work.

Then on the fourth week you have a full week of high carbs to reboot your metabolism and not let your body adapt to what you’re doing.  Then you start all over again and the fat burning furnace in your body is a max.

Low carb days I eat protein (palm size) and carb (grains, hand size) and vegetables (any size) and a thumb size of healthy fat for breakfast.  Eggs on wheat bread with tomatoes and mayo on it.

After that, every three hours is Protein and vegetables with healthy fat ONLY.  NO grains at all!  NO fruit at all.  Stop eating about 3 hours before bed.  DRINK LOTS OF WATER!

A great workout at home also helps speed up the weight loss with carb cycling!

High carb days, breakfast starts the same.  The only difference is the remaining meals every three hours, you have grains with every meal and little to no healthy fats.  You snack on fruit.

Let me break down the calories and how they work each day.

On low carb days I have 1200 calories, high carb is 1500 and Sundays is 2500.  I divide them up between my five meals a day.

Since I’m eating healthy food that aren’t full of empty calories, it takes a good bit of food to fill that amount.  Every three hours your metabolism starts to drop.  Which is why we try to eat at those times to keep it burning at a max.

THAT’S IT!   Simple right?

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I’m at the end of the fourth week and I am missing the day to day regulation of high carb to low carb.   Sounds weird, right?

I have decided to boost into the Turbo Cycle which is two low carb days, a high carb day for three weeks. So then it’s another week of high carbs during the fourth week.  Really you can do carb cycling a million different ways.

I find starting easy is best.   I’m hoping my results will double what I had this past month.  I am very happy with my results so far.  It’s not drastic yet but I can feel it.  That’s good enough for me.

This week I’m also starting a workout program instead of just doing random workouts in my gym.  I think I’d like to start 21 day fix exercise program.


A big part of me thinks I should do Insanity because I need to get more cardio in.  I know I’m not there yet and most likely will stop and won’t finish the workout which could cause me to get discouraged.  I don’t want to set myself up for failure.  So I will do something I know I can finish and feel accomplished.  I WILL work my way up to Insanity one day!

Anyone interested in getting more into carb cycling can look into getting any of Chris Powell’s books.  So I’ve read them all, but my favorite is Chris Powell’s Choose More, Lose More for Life.  It’s amazing!

Anyone wanting to start a workout post with me and keep each other motivated and on track, is more than welcomed!  Comment below!

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