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Best Pilates Machine For Your Home, Your Space and Your BUDGET

Best Pilates Machine For Your Home, Your Space and Your BUDGET

Pilates Machine review by a 30 something mother of two!

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This is a review of my absolute all time favorite workout machine I bought for my home.  The company did not reach out to me and ask me to post this.  I WANTED to put this out there for anyone looking for an affordable pilates machine.

As you can see, my Pilates Pro sits easily in my basement gym!  (Yes that’s my youngest on the punching bag!) 😀

Now keep in mind, where I live I would need to drive an hour and a half to Pittsburgh or two hours to Columbus to go to a Pilates classes with those big pilates reformers.  (Which by the way, I would if I could).

So what is a Supreme Pilates Pro?

The Pilates Pro is an at home Pilates, Yoga and Ballet Barre workout machine.  It has two comfortable pads connected to an adjustable tower with a pull through bar and springs to connect straps and another workout bar. The springs give resistance to all your workout routines.  It folds up comfortably to fit anywhere in your home.

You get great quality at home workout for a fraction of the cost of a yearly class or typical pilates machine.

So my first thought was to have my fiance make me one because he’s crafty like that but his current “Honey Do” list is pretty long and I’m not patient.

I went online and found the Beverly Hills Fitness Supreme Pilates Pro SPP089 with Ballet Barre Toning Tower, Yoga Pad, and Dvd’s.  So I then did what any red blooded American would do.  I went on Amazon and read up on all the reviews.

There’s a ton of great reviews for this product!  So I thought for under $300 what could it hurt?  I don’t have THOUSANDS of dollars to spend on a machine that is bigger than my living room anyways.

It came by UPS and I was able to assemble it by myself with very little effort.  Everything clicks into place with ease.

Why I Recommend This Product!

There are two adjustments to the height of the bar along with two different sets of springs with two different lengths.  All of different adjustments are for different amount of resistance to use as you get more and more advanced.  So this is for EVERYONE.  Beginners and advanced alike.  You never outgrow it.

The tower uses 5 DVD’s to change up your routine and work different body parts.  There are also several YouTube video’s that are easy to follow and allow for new routines.  The DVD’s are only 15 minutes long so they are easy to follow and great for beginners.

Don’t let me confuse you on that last statement.  Only 15 minutes is great for beginners because by the time you get exhausted, it’s done!  You feel ACCOMPLISHED!!!! Best of all after the workout and you get up and walk around, you feel how much you actually used your muscles without over exertion.  It’s amazing and I feel amazing every time I use it.  With that said it can be used by experienced pilates fans and still work up quite a burn!

The Pilates Pro also combines Yoga, Pilates and Barre routines to change up your workout and create muscle confusion.

So if you live in a small apartment or a large house, the Pilates Pro folds up and slides behind couches, under beds or back in any corner.

My Favorite Part!

Myself, being a mother of two and no longer 20, I enjoy the Barre routine.  It works my legs and butt like a dancer and I feel the BURN the whole entire workout.  It’s no joke.  So I keep the mantra going, “my butt is lifting, my butt is lifting” to keep me pushing through that one.

Best Reviews rates the Pilates Pro in the TOP 15 of all the home Pilates machines.  The Pilates Pro is the cheapest on the list.  I think that speaks volumes when it’s up against machines that cost thousands of dollars. 

Finally, I cannot say enough good things about Beverly Hills Fitness Supreme Pilates Pro SPP089 with Ballet Barre Toning Tower, Yoga Pad, and Dvd’s the but PLEASE by all means, watch some youtube videos on the workouts and do your research.  Don’t just take my word for it, but if you do I promise you won’t be sorry!!!


Is it too good to be true?  I don’t think so, no.  The only thing I would change if they called and asked my opinion, make the pads longer.  I have zero issues with this machine.  I am a serial review reader before I buy ANYTHING and I encourage you to do the same!

Take a minute and watch this quick Youtube video of the FULL BODY WORKOUT done on the Pilates Pro!

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