Tips and Ideas to Stay Motivated and Lose Weight

About me

My name is Brandy and I’m 37 years old!  I’m a mom of two beautiful girls who are 12 and 9 and I’m engaged to be married to my best friend.

My whole life I had a great body and was never happy.  What i wouldn’t go back to when I “thought” I was fat a few short years ago.  I was a cheerleader and softball player throughout my youth and than became a fitness fanatic in my early twenties until I had my first child at 24.  Even after her, I was never happy with my body.  To be young and dumb I guess.

 After being diagnosed with PCOS and Fibroid Tumors, I know I need to do something about this weight gain. In just a short time I’ve put on 40 or so pounds!  I’ve tried everything from magic pills to crazy fad diets. Nothing was working.

I have gotten older and relaxed in my relationship.  Instead of going to the bars we sit at home and binge watch Game of Thrones and almost everything on Netflix.  It gets hard to break old habits but not impossible.  

Finally, after a very long time I’m losing some weight and I’m so happy about it.  I’m eating better and working out and decided to document my journey for others just like me!  I’m no expert, but I know a little.

I absolutely WILL get back on track.  I will get off the couch and move more.  

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I hope you stick around and comment on your own journey and leave some helpful tips!