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6 Full Body Workouts to do at Home

6 Full Body Workouts to do at Home

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Do you have time every day to drive to the gym, workout for two hours and then drive home?  Most people don’t. Especially if you’re like me and live 30 minutes from your gym.  Full body workouts take less time and give just as big of a bang for your buck!


I’ve made a list of 6 great full body workouts to do at home that help torch fat and burn mega calories.  There are plenty more where these came from.  I just wanted to give you some place to start.


Push ups are great because you’re working the chest, triceps and your core.  However, you’re also lifting 60% of your whole body!!!  That’s a big deal!  For some of us, it’s an even “bigger” deal! (See what I did there?)

Push ups can be modified when you first start out and can be done in more advanced ways.  From starting on your knees to jumping at the top of your push up. 

Warning! Make sure during your push up keep your eyes focused about 6 to 8 inches in front of your hands.  DON’T tuck your chin to chest.  Tucking your chin to chest can cause neck straining.


Squats work your hips, hamstrings, glutes, core and if you incorporate weights, your upper body.  Also, squats can be done several different ways as well.  You get different benefits and work different muscles if your feet are hip width apart to a “sumo” squat where your feet are spread far apart.

You can take light weights and incorporate bicep curls or shoulder presses to work a smaller muscle group in with the large group thus burning more calories.  One of the best is to incorporate a kettle bell swing for the best upper body workout.

Warning!  Please do NOT drop your knees too far forward and let them go over your toes!  You will be putting all your weight and strain on your knees at that point and could cause some serious damage.


Lunges work a lot of the same muscle groups as squats especially when worked with hand weights.  However, the difference is working muscles unilaterally, or one side independently from the other, you gain balance in your training.

You also get the benefit of increasing your hip flexor flexibility. .

Same warning applies with lunges as it does with squats.


Planks are such a sensation right now.  Thank God the plank challenge has stopped because that was obnoxious BUT I will say planks are amazing for your body!

There are many, many, many benefits to planking but I’ll just name a few.  Toning your core is a benefit to any workout.  It helps reduce back pain and improves mood because it stretches and releases muscles that become stiff and tense after prolong sitting.

Planks also helps with flexibility through collarbone, shoulders, helps shoulder blades expand and stretch.  It works every muscle from top to bottom of your body.

Warning! Keep your body flat in a straight line and your head forward just like a push up.

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Burpees SUUUUUUUUUCK so good!  They are a push up and squat all in one.  So you get all the same benefits from push ups and squats along with your heart rate rising to burn more calories.  Burpees burn 50% more fat than moderate workouts.

The plus side is burpees are portable and no equipment needed to work the whole body.


Deadlifts work more muscle groups than any other exercise!  Back, calves, quads, hamstrings, glutes, core and forearms are all part of deadlifts.  Obviously this helps burn a lot of fat and helps work on your posture as well.

Deadlifts do require a bar and free weights but can be found in garage sales or thru facebook cheap.

If you need to learn about what to take before your workout to get the BEST results, click here!!!

Warning! The wrong technique can injure your back so check with a fitness professional if you’re very concerned on proper technique.

And of course, stretch before and after every workout!

You can also consider a home gym that works your whole body!  Paying one time for a full gym in your house without the commute can be much more affordable than a yearly gym membership you may NEVER use!


That’s a great start!  Comment below if you have another full body workout that isn’t listed above!

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