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15 Unhealthy Foods That Most People Think Are Healthy

15 Unhealthy Foods That Most People Think Are Healthy

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There’s so many things to learn when trying to eat healthy.  It can be very overwhelming and all the labels can get tricky to read.  Many people don’t know what to eat and what to avoid.  One day this is good for you, the next day it’ll kill ya.

There are plenty of great products to help you lose weight through eating correctly.  One in particular has a 100% Guarantee to lose up to 16 pounds in 2 weeks!

A good grocery store trick is, stick to the outer aisles.  The center aisles usually contain the chips, juices, baking and soda sections.  The outer perimeter has the fruits and vegetables, meats and dairy.

Unfortunately, there’s been some bad advice given to those trying to eat healthy.  I want to post a few food items to AVOID because they are actually bad for you.

Keep in mind, the majority of the items on this list are not as bad if they are made at home from scratch. This list mostly deals with pre-packaged, store-bought items.

SKIM/LOW FAT MILK– in the process of getting rid of the fat they usually lose most of the essential vitamins you would otherwise get from milk.  (Also, remember fat isn’t really bad for you, SUGAR is.)

FRUIT JUICE– there’s actually very little real fruit inside of fruit juice.  There’s an overload of sugar though that you’ll want to avoid.  Since we drink it instead of eating it, it goes directly to our liver and stored as fat.

FLAVORED YOGURT– there’s an average of 15g of sugar per 6oz container!  If you want to utilize yogurt for its amazing protein affect, go plain greek yogurt.

CANNED SOUP– talk about way too much sodium!  On average you’re looking at 400mg per cup!  Check out my blog on measuring weight loss to find out why you want to avoid massive amounts of sodium

GRANOLA– unless you can make your own fresh batch of granola, steer clear of store-bought.  Sugar and oils get added during the cooking process of store-bought granola.


FRUIT & VEGETABLES CHIPS– most of the “fruit” and ” vegetables are artificially flavored and colored to look like the real deal but aren’t.  The cooking process actually takes away any fruit or vegetable benefits you would normally get.

FRUIT COCKTAIL– at all costs, stay away from fruit cocktail!!!!  I cannot stress that enough.  Small portable cocktail cups have 110 calories.  Because they are packed in syrup, cocktail cups also have 25g of sugar inside .

ENERGY BARS– you may as well buy a candy bar.  There’s really not much difference.  The sugar in calories in energy bars isn’t far from most candy bars you find in the grocery store.

DIET SODA– artificial sweeteners are awful for you! Artificial sweeteners trigger insulin, which sends your body into fat storage mode and leads to weight gain .

FLAVORED INSTANT OATMEALS– another case of too much added sweetener, which basically gets stored as fat.

BRAN MUFFINS– usually triple the portion sizes needed.  They are also have more wheat flour in them than bran.

PACKAGED TURKEY– I was sad by this discovery!  Unfortunately I ran right to my fridge to double-check this one and it’s true, it’s unhealthy.  There’s about 350mg of sodium per 2 oz servings.  That’s awful.

WRAPS– pre-packaged wraps are too large so you’re getting an idea it’s better than bread but the size actually makes it worse.  There’s usually not enough veggies in them and too much Ranch.

PRETZELS– “fat-free” but zero nutritional value.   White flour in pretzels quickly converts to sugar.

SPORTS DRINKS– these are basically just sugar-water with artificial food coloring.  None of that is good.

Keep in mind food companies do NOT have to get the FDA approval before they place items in grocery stores.  The FDA isn’t as strict in our country as they are overseas.  We need to pay more attention to what we are putting into our bodies.  Especially our children’s bodies!

Unhealthy foods are in disguises all around us.  So what unhealthy foods did you believe to be healthy?

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Finally, comment below which foods shocked you the most when you found out they were unhealthy!

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